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Wine Tastings, What’s The Big Deal?

Wine tasting is not the same as drinking wine. Drinking wine is sharing a bottle of your favourite wine with a friend and settling down to relax.Tasting wine is trying small samples of other wines to educate yourself about wines you may not have known. If you are lucky, you’ll find one or two to…

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Please Sir, May I Have More?

A subtle twist from a guy named Oliver.The typical Niagara bus tour is drive, taste ( maybe buy) then drive and taste some more. In the old days, that was the way it was.Nowadays, many wineries are offering extras to encourage folks to stay longer, and, of course, maybe spend more. Sit and enjoy a…

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Time To Wine A Little.

I was urged to start a wine blog earlier this year, but with covid closures, it would have been just whining, not wining. Now positive wine news overflows.I will blog about wines, touring, my winery partners, and other things in the wine world. Now it’s wining and dining, not just whining.First Blog… BIG DEAL! REALLY…

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