Please Sir, May I Have More?

A subtle twist from a guy named Oliver.
The typical Niagara bus tour is drive, taste ( maybe buy) then drive and taste some more. In the old days, that was the way it was.
Nowadays, many wineries are offering extras to encourage folks to stay longer, and, of course, maybe spend more. Sit and enjoy a full glass of wine on a patio. Try a cheese tray or a charcuterie platter. Take a tour.

My tours allow a little more time to savour the moment and perhaps, enjoy an extra experience or two. I’ll post some of the offerings. You can go by yourself of course, or you can take a tour with me. You won’t get it on a group bus tour.

Between the Lines is a traditional Niagara winery: A smaller boutique winery, Family Owned and operated. The winemaker is Yannick Wertsch; raised in Niagara, schooled in Germany and Niagara. His brother is a winemaker, and he even married a winemaker. He has wine in his blood. It is not true that his blood type is Riesling!

In additon to tastings BTL has other delights.

⦁ Grape to Glass Tasting $10 per person. Our Vineyard, Cellar, and Tasting tour include 4-wine tastings per person and a private guide. 45 minutes.
⦁ BTL wines and artisanal cheese and charcuterie. There are no nuts and gluten-free crackers are available upon request. The tasting includes 4-wine tastings per person. $10 per person. 45-minutes.
⦁ Black Glass tasting. $10 per person. 45 minutes. A blind tasting is a great way for your guests to demystify the wine in their glasses. Your host will guide them through four wines and learn what each grape brings to the table.
⦁ Dive into the Ultimate Junk Food tasting. $10 per person. 45-minutes Your host will pair herby popcorn with Riesling, strawberry licorice and Cabernet Franc, and thick-cut beef jerky with one of our Reserve Red Wines, don’t forget the BBQ sauce. Your guests will love it!

You can pre-order extras for your own winery visit, or take my tour and I’ll arrange it. Again, group tours are too busy for something like this.