Wine Tastings, What’s The Big Deal?

Wine tasting is not the same as drinking wine. Drinking wine is sharing a bottle of your favourite wine with a friend and settling down to relax.
Tasting wine is trying small samples of other wines to educate yourself about wines you may not have known. If you are lucky, you’ll find one or two to add to your favourites and share with your friends. If you are really lucky, you’ll find one so good you won’t share it with anyone!

Look at the wine held up to the sky or against a white background. Examine it for colour, but also for clarity. Wine colour ranges from almost waterlike to deepest purple, but it is always clear. A cloudy wine may be spoiled.
Sniff the wine, then swirl it around in the glass and sniff again. The air will release the aroma of the wine. If you think that sniffing wine is not part of tasting it, then you’ve never walked through a kitchen when there is apple pie in the oven.

Take a sip. Swirl it around your mouth. That first sip is not a true taste. Your tastebuds will have other flavours, coffee, other wine, the taste of your sweetie’s lips. The swirl will condition your taste buds to what is coming. The second and third sips will give you the true flavour of the wine. You may like it, maybe not. Feel free to use the spittoon if not. They will not be offended, that’s why they make several different wines. As one of my server friends is fond of saying. “If everyone had the same tastes, a whole bunch of men would be after my wife!”

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