Support Your Local Winery !

Support Your Local Winery

All Niagara wineries are now under lockdown for the next few weeks. A few of the larger wineries have LCBO listings to help them along. For most smaller producers only pick up of telephone orders and on-line orders are allowed. Some wineries do have vigorous wine club sales.

This is a big problem. Traditionally, in Niagara, wine sales are driven by on-site visits and wine tastings. Many folks drive around wine country and stop when and where they choose. Others take a tour from a tour company like mine. Niagara wine was built on this model, and it’s in trouble.

It’s time for all wine lovers to support your local winery. Shop online with delivery is the best option, and many wineries are offering free delivery for a case or more. And during this enforced lockdown, a case should be your minimum order. You can even get together with friends ( by phone or email) and make a larger order.
There are links to my recommended wineries on this site. Others are easily located online. You could also consider joining a wine club, and get automatic deliveries every month.

Don’t just buy from your favourite winery. Try some wine from another company with a good sale on – and there are lots.

This will help the wineries weather the covid storm.
The good news is that the 2020 vintage is one of the best in many years, so here is your head start opportunity to try the latest vintage.